Light Space Design 2020 Virtual

24 November 2020
Virtual Event


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» 24TH NOVEMBER 2020

11:00 - 11:05


11:05 - 11:45


Impact of COVID-19 on Lighting Design
COVID-19 will change how we live as well as our workspaces. The building and construction industry and all its collaborators will need to adapt and change to this new economy. This panel of lighting design experts will convene to discuss the below:

  • How has COVID impacted the lighting design industry in Australia?
  • Is this crisis an opportunity to think about the essential work of lighting designers?
  • Supply chain impacts on the industry

Anne Truong, Specialist Lighting Lead, Wrap Consulting Engineering
David Justice, Managing Director, ambience
Ian Dryden, Principal Industrial Designer, City of Melbourne

Anne Truong David Justice Ian Dryden
11:45 - 12:05

Wellness and Lighting Design: Human-centric Lighting Systems in the Age of Remote Work

  • Moving Circadian Lighting into the mainstream
  • Creating Environments that are comfortable, engaging and responsive to occupant needs
  • Lighting design driving building shape and aperture
  • Putting Human Centric thinking at the heart of design

Dave Anderson, Specialist Lighting Lead, ADP Consulting Pty Ltd

Dave Anderson
12:05 - 12:15


12:15 - 12:35


Lighting Design for Healthcare

  • COVID19 has drawn the world’s attention to our medical systems. We are applauding our healthcare workers. We are scrutinizing the safety and care of vulnerable people residing in aged care facilities. UVC is the new buzzword. However, prior to COVID19 researchers were already scrutinizing the safety and care of people within the medical system and have been finding ways to improve the health outcomes of patients and shift workers.
  • This talk is not about research findings or any specific health-giving luminaire range. Rather this presentation divulges anecdotal information regarding the application of the researcher’s work. It considers the different needs of the users within a healthcare space. It explores how the best research can be used to massage the built environment to improve the overall health outcomes for those within the healthcare system.

Aviva Gunzburg, Associate, Senior Lighting Designer, NDYLIGHT

Aviva Gunzburg
12:35 - 13:15


Light at the End of the Tunnel

  • Reconnecting Communities through Lighting
  • How can lighting designers, architects and property developers help communities reconnect to the public sphere following periods of COVID lockdowns?
  • Enhancing the public realm experience through lighting

Ingrid Baldwin, Studio Director, FPOV
Jackson Stigwood, Director, A Billion Suns
Rachel Thomson, Architectural Lighting Designer, WSP

Ingrid Baldwin Jackson Stigwood Rachel Thomson
13:15 - 13:35


13:35 - 13:55


Designing with Daylight

First and foremost, daylight design is about creating spaces for people. Creating a sense of awe, a sense of identity and a connection with the outside world, the passing of time and setting our natural biorhythms.
It is crucial to embrace daylight design at the beginning of a holistic 24-hour lighting design process, where buildings are designed with daylight first and balanced with electric lighting where required. This design approach responds to the human experience and creates better spaces for people.
We shouldn’t be afraid, let’s turn towards the light!

Dr. Phillip Greenup, Senior Lighting Designer, ARUP

Dr. Phillip Greenup
13:55 - 14:20


Expanding the Collaborative Influence of Lighting Designers on Projects

As lighting designers, we understand the benefits of what we bring to our projects…but how does (actual) lighting design go from a “luxury” to a necessary part of the design process like architecture and interior design?  The required use of LED technology made great strides in the need for lighting designers…mostly because architects and interior designers “gave up” and realized it was more difficult than using halogen and incandescent technology.  But what’s the next step?  How do we go from less than 10% of constructed projects to 20% or even 40%?  We will discuss the importance of the collaborative effort as well as a variety of ways to increase the notion that lighting design is not only a desired part of the process, but a necessary aspect that becomes more of a mainstream, accepted role on a project.

Peter Romaniello IALD, Owner, Conceptual Lighting

Peter Romaniello IALD
14:20 - 15:00


Future of Lighting

Advancements in LED technology continue to drive the lighting industry unleashing a world of possibilities with each new development. This panel of experts will explore the latest disruptive trends in lighting and how businesses across the lighting sector could adapt to a post COVID world.

  • Designing and building in an environment of rapidly changing objectives and constraints, related to new regulation including social distancing requirements
  • How can lighting designers continue to push the boundaries of innovation to achieve the perfect balance between art and technology?
  • Accelerated need for digital transformation: exploring BIM and the Future of Lighting Design
  • Exploring elements such as colour and greater degrees of optical control to create more novel solutions to lighting problems

Dr. Gillian Isoardi, Lighting Scientist, Light Naturally
Peter Romaniello IALD, Owner, Conceptual Lighting
Wendy Davis, Associate Professor in Lighting, Director of Illumination Design, The University of Sydney

Dr. Gillian Isoardi Peter Romaniello IALD Wendy Davis
15:00 - 15:05


Agenda is subject to change
*Speakers to be confirmed

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24 November 2020

Virtual Event



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